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It pisses me off that we just have to keep watching the deep state jews create all of these fake hoaxes to try to further their agenda and we can't do any thing to stop them..

They want to take your guns away, and you have to wonder WHY.. Because the US population being armed interferes with their next step of their plan, and it is scary to think of what that next step in their plan might be..

The whole MSM goes hand-in-hand with these hoaxes by pretending every thing is real, and then complaining to Trump that some thing needs to be done about gun control.. But the whole thing is fake.. The shooting, the MSM....
We are living in 2 seperate worlds: One that is LARPing in a completely fake reality that the MSM keeps trying to fabricate and hopes that all people will fall for the charade, and an other world that is actually REAL where the US population and white people are being subjugated from every angle..

The overton window needs to be widened, so I would suggest you post this video on more normie-ish places where people on the fence about it can be red-pilled, even a little bit..

And here is a small white pill for you: Every time these hoaxes happen, more and more people are catching on that it is fake or that things don't add up.. Even when shootings might have been real (like las vegas probably was I think maybe) there is so much suspicious shit, and none of it ever gets answered.. The american people are more and more getting tired of this and can see through their bullshit more and more as the MSM slowly becomes obsolete.. I just wish it would become obsolete a little bit faster..


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Just to be clear, you're saying that there was no shooter and nobody got killed ?