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Uhhhhhh... wtf...?

This is pretty fucking cringey, and just looking around I see the same 2 kids everywhere talking as if they know their shit. They really got pawns like this.


[–] AnusMouth 12 points -10 points (+2|-12) ago 

You morons do realize how network news functions, don't you? Stupid question - you're obviously too retarded to understand. When you're interviewed for anything you're given the list of questions beforehand in order for the camera crew to get their sound bites more quickly and smoothly. So yes, there is some coaching, but it has absolutely nothing to do with faking an entire national incident - it's just news crews gathering their video clips as systematically as possible. And the very fact that this has to be explained to you proves how genuinely dimwitted and willfully ignorant you laughingstocks are.

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[–] LongyyBearr 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

“ Just here to remind you how completely full of shit you are. ” - anusmouth

Keep talking out of your ass and maybe one day, we will take you seriously you fucking sleeper shill. You even named yourself a shit mouth. Keep churning the DOOKIE.


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What you are saying makes sense . Maybe it's predictable that people here will react to the polishing and spectacle craated by bews media confusingly.