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His dad is an ex-FBI agent, but I'm sure that doesn't mean anything.


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His therapist is Jared (((Bienenfeld))), go figure.

Used to be a childrens program & theater coordinator for a jooish community center also... just saying.



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It's just a (((coincidence)))


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this isnt even the same fucking guy. Why is so much fake news getting this many upvotes lately?


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Who is he then?


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**Crisis actors and production team take a group selfie just before they have to go out and tell their heartwrenching stories on TV. **



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Good question. But I believe the correct word for him is Nigger.


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Uhhhhhh... wtf...?

This is pretty fucking cringey, and just looking around I see the same 2 kids everywhere talking as if they know their shit. They really got pawns like this.



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Video is very interesting; as is his being the son of an FBI agent

That said, that webpage is awful. The article is not good; the title is misleading. Its interesting speculation, but author is overplaying it, doing it all a disservice.



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I heard this kid just a few hours after the scumbag shot up the school. It sounded sooo scripted just a couple hours after such a traumatic act. I wonder who's paying for this trip to D.C. and the "protest". Like always follow the money, and remember they never let a crisis go to waste. If only they had some gun free zone signs posted this could have all been avoided.


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All mass shootings are hoaxes.


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Nearly all. Elliot Rodger was real. Yet they still added an extra one to the body count. You could tell, because the guy didn’t fit the profile of the other people, died after being shot only once, and the “dad” was making anti gun speeches the same day.


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Elliot Rodgers was real. His dad is a movie director that worked on Hunger Games, I am not making this up. Knowing anything about Hollywood and children, its is not a large leap to assume this kid had gone through some sort of MK Ultra training. Likely the story we are given is not 100% true. This small dude apparently overtook like 3 of his housemates before the event. This event was likely set up to be the Alpha Phi (the top sorority at UCSB) massacre. The first thing he did was approach the Alpha Phi house but they didn't let him in. If they did let him in the news stations would have been able to flood the airwaves with attractive blonde girls that were killed because we dont have strict gun laws. Everyone of these mass shootings are staged to push an agenda.

Edit: in 2001 a man killed 5 people in IV with his car. The father of the perpetrator... another TV director. SO BOTH MASSACRES have links to Hollywood families.


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And yet, people die.


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It pisses me off that we just have to keep watching the deep state jews create all of these fake hoaxes to try to further their agenda and we can't do any thing to stop them..

They want to take your guns away, and you have to wonder WHY.. Because the US population being armed interferes with their next step of their plan, and it is scary to think of what that next step in their plan might be..

The whole MSM goes hand-in-hand with these hoaxes by pretending every thing is real, and then complaining to Trump that some thing needs to be done about gun control.. But the whole thing is fake.. The shooting, the MSM....
We are living in 2 seperate worlds: One that is LARPing in a completely fake reality that the MSM keeps trying to fabricate and hopes that all people will fall for the charade, and an other world that is actually REAL where the US population and white people are being subjugated from every angle..

The overton window needs to be widened, so I would suggest you post this video on more normie-ish places where people on the fence about it can be red-pilled, even a little bit..

And here is a small white pill for you: Every time these hoaxes happen, more and more people are catching on that it is fake or that things don't add up.. Even when shootings might have been real (like las vegas probably was I think maybe) there is so much suspicious shit, and none of it ever gets answered.. The american people are more and more getting tired of this and can see through their bullshit more and more as the MSM slowly becomes obsolete.. I just wish it would become obsolete a little bit faster..


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Just to be clear, you're saying that there was no shooter and nobody got killed ?


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Three options here:

1, this whole thing was planned from the start by liberals/globalists to happen (probably even being planned to happen under President Clinton's early term, given how this happened in the county of one of her top subordinates, Debbie "Ramen-haired" Wasserman Schultz), hoping that this would be the "final straw that breaks the camel's back" (not expecting the JROTC to actually do anything to stop the attack or minimize casualties here, and not expecting how easily their "WE NEED GUN CONTROL" narrative is getting destroyed in the alternative media these days).

2, this thing happened naturally (from the same terrible school board policies of "it doesn't matter what a kid does, don't ever punish him with jail time or any kind of legal penalties" implemented back around the time of Trayvon Martin in 2012), and people in the nearby area either decided to join this narrative of their own (ignorant teenage) will or are being coached to do so by their liberal and/or morally-corrupt parents.

3, a few kids from that 3,000-student school have some ideas about the real cause of the shooting, but they randomly decided to sell their soul and act as puppets for the gun control agenda, allowing the Marxists in the media to push their own toxic narratives while using these kids as their "useful idiots," turning yet another tragedy into nothing more than a political springboard for those bastards.

No matter how you spin it, this is bad for the gun control narrative, and just makes it look fake and artificial.

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