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Ahhh ha ha ha. Here is a million dollar fine wells. Fago. (((they made 10 trillion on the scam))) cracks down my fucking ass. They are just asking for personal kickbacks. THAT IS ALL THAT IS HAPPENING. Money is passing under The table. It's all fake.


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Those righteous folks at the Fed. One has to admire their superior morals.


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Guaranteed they actually get punished for this one. Jews HATE getting jewed


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https://unvis.it/https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2018/02/02/federal-reserve-orders-wells-fargo-to-halt-growth-oust-four-board-members-after/ :

The Federal Reserve cracks down on Wells Fargo over scandal involving sham accounts - The Washington Post

'Wells Fargo will not be allowed to grow its $1.95 trillion in assets until the Fed approves its remediation plan. '

'For instance, Wells Fargo said last year that employees had created far more sham accounts — 3.5 million rather than 2 million — over a much larger period than it initially reported. '

'For years, Wells Fargo dazzled Wall Street with strong growth and large profits. '

'Wells Fargo must replace three of its 16 board members by April and another before the end of the year, under its agreement with the Federal Reserve. '

'By pushing out Board Members at Wells Fargo, Chair Yellen sent a strong message.”The Fed governors voted 3-to-0 to approve the consent order. '

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