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Didn't those representatives have to take an oath to defend the Constitution upon taking office? What the hell is the penalty for breaking that oath

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I'll take that 'penalty' if that's the case! Platinum healthcare and cushy pension for life. The horrors!

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wake up fuckhead. the penalty is you grabbing your pitchfork and stabbing them in the chest. if you cant do that then you deserve what you get.

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I'm putting a pitchfork on my shopping list

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Apparently nothing . . .

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Here is tha list of 256 representatives who didn't want to get suicided...

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Didn't want their child rapeing activities to come to light.

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So why are people always naming representatives instead of naming the lobbyists and their companies?

I feel like it would be more effective to make the money dry up than it would be to try to get Congress to stop taking bribes.

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Lobbyist contributions are a pittance. They're just a tiny carrot next to a really big stick. The real power lies in blackmailing. Ever wondered why there's so many pedophiles in world governments? Makes them easy to control.

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Probably because lobbyists aren't holding guns to representatives heads when they vote.

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Yes but even if you replace the representatives taking bribes the lobbyists don't vanish and you aren't going to get enough people into Congress solely on "we won't take bribes" to make a difference.

Remove the system that allows them to make money off their votes and hopefully it fixes the other problem.

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You don't want spying, then we have to make America a white ethnostate. Only a white ethnostates would be law abiding enough to not require mass surveillance.

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Don't forget. Trump is likely to sign this turd.

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This goes to show that we have Shitholes right here in the US that need to be disinfected. These 256 are just the start.

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Chaff... Nsa will do it. Anyway

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paper pushers

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