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The irony is dripping @fuckredditcensorship deleting comments they don't like, HAHAHAHA! They get banned from reddit and cry censorship, then don't even entertain "dissenting opinions". Damn those mods really are shit-stains. "We're here to help people, but we don't want to hear anything from people who don't agree!" That's just sad. Maybe they did deserve to get shafted off reddit- mods seem like a serious bunch of assholes.

Thanks for posting this. I needed a good laugh. Sorry they shit on ya, I hope somewhere inside you're able to get over it.

EDIT: my fingers did things my brain didn't approve of

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I'm reading this thread, not the one linked, but thanks for responding. So how does one who is not a mod of a sub delete a comment? Or are are you just trying to say a new mod fucked up?