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One thing many people don't realize is that the objective of a nation can span a few generations. Isreal is a very new "nation", birthed by the Balfour Declaration - I believe it was 1917. However, The State of Isreal was not official until 1948!

Think about that for a minute, there are countries on this planet that were born hundreds, or thousands of years ago. Now this country pops up recently, a few decades ago, is trying to push Palestinians off their land, has arguably the most powerful lobby in the US called AIPAC and is not registered as such, is legally deemed an education institute.

It's no coincidence that their flag sports the 6 sided star, sacred geometry. 6 vertices, 6 sides of a cube (viewed at an angle), 6 faces when all vertices are connected -- 666 remind you of anything?


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There is no Palestinian history...