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The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA S. 2588 [113th Congress], S. 754. already subjects "US ALL" to spying and it is ok and nobody is taking that data collection to issue. This only had to do with which federal agency the NSA uses a front for destroying innovation.

But this says:

The Federal Trade Commission maintains jurisdiction over most aspects of the Internet. But after the 2016 election during the lame-duck session, another Washington agency called the Federal Communications Commission issued new regulations related specifically to Internet service providers, also known as ISPs.

These new rules required all Internet browsing data, as well as data regarding app usage on mobile devices, be subject to the same privacy requirements as sensitive or private personal information. This overtook the previous rule by the FTC, the agency which previously had authority over regulating ISP’s and differentiated privacy requirements based upon the sensitivity of the information, with more stringent rules for such things as health information or Social Security numbers. The methods are also more invasive to the ISP companies, since the FCC also issues pre-emptive regulations while the FTC primarily conducted investigations

What it did was expand baseless data collection under the authority of the executive order. How can you (As an ISP) have different privacy requirements for different data without storing scanning and analyzing it? They cant. Letting the obama executive order was a slippery slope towards dictatorship. CISA structures the legal methods for bulk data collection and sharing without court orders.