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If you don't maintain dams they collapse.

The only damn NC has had collapse recently

Was being maintained by the same people that admittedly don't maintain things

HAARP may give us an illusion of control, but the place really is falling apart and we need a major investment in infrastructure.


[–] flyingcuttlefish [S] 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

They had 25 billion a year gifted by feds for " investment in infrastructure" ... and they blew it on other things (Jerry Brown pet projects).

There isn't a lack of " investment in infrastructure" there is a lack of prosecution of criminals who steal the investment (opinion).


[–] 8167901? ago  (edited ago)

Excellent observation. I guess I don't consider it "invested" till the concrete get poured. Our locals also spend the grants on whatever suits their fancy.