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Cities and towns from 4 counties were issued orders for immediate evacuation. That's significant. It's dangerous and has potential for tragedy. From Oroville to Sacramento-- that's not a small amount of area. If the emergency spillway gives out, there's more than a handful of communities in danger. They've cancelled school/college for those in the Oroville area just in case.

Fuck man, read up on the Johnstown flood. It's got that kind of potential.

I'm from the area and have family there. As a kid, I toured the dam as a field trip. Trust me when I say this can be bad, as the area at risk is a part of America's breadbasket, so it's not just the impact on lives, but for feeding communities.

The Romans had an adage; give them circuses and bread and the poor will never revolt.

Deliberately wiping out the farms/ranches/orchards of gun-loving rednecks would backfire. They're already pissed that their vote for Trump means that they lose their cheap farm labor and that's got their knickers in a bunch.

The State of Jefferson is very much alive in that area, is all I'm saying.