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Definitely feels like something snakey is going down. Best to keep alerts like this in rotation with situational updates.

4 days left you Soros cock-sucking motherfuckers. Maybe you should be packing your fucking bags rather than fucking with a hilariously small community like Voat. It's almost like we actually hurt you, badly. You with your millions, if not billions, backing you up. Do you suck this much at everything in your lives? Or, you know, only at your fucking job.


[–] SaneGoatiSwear [S] 7 points 8 points (+15|-7) ago 

like in star wars, the evil fucks hold on to every little bit of power to the last fucking second.

expet the stops to be pulled out, and the shit to hit the fan.

the theater is strong this generation.


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We are SO far from the end of this bullshit, though. Soros only spent ~4% of his reported net worth to cause all the bullshit we've already seen. Just you wait until he and his insidious heirs dump the OTHER $23B into the fray.


[–] pitenius 2 points 20 points (+22|-2) ago 

I'm going to tell you something PizzaGaters don't want to hear:

you might never bust Alefantis as a pedo. I suspect, in fact, he winds up dead soon and "fake news" is blamed.

Take a lesson from history, though: Elliot Ness was the noise and the fury, but Frank Wilson was the hammer. Someone could nail Pedosta and Elephant-ass for money laundering with that little art museum. That why Elephant-Ass didn't want the Pegasus Museum tapped.

Does he fuck kids? Probably, but that's hard to prove. Money laundering is a slam dunk.


[–] Gorillion 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago  (edited ago)

you might never bust Alefantis as a pedo. I suspect, in fact, he winds up dead soon and "fake news" is blamed

Heheh, I've been nudging little Jimmy's thoughts in that direction at every opportunity. Maybe the little cunt will try to save his own skin and spill the beans on the big boys in return for protective custody in solitary confinement for the rest of his days. That or he gets killed by his own. Both eventualities are a win from my point of view. Once the mystery men start "cleaning up" loose ends, someone else is bound to crack and make a plea deal with the right people.


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and/or tax evasion <--- this gets them every time


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Ask the WT towers and the pentagon if money laundering is a 'slam dunk'

Its like trying to corner a t-fucking-rex..


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hmmm i think they got away with 911


[–] pitenius 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Look at what has been dug up. You're going to get a DA interested in "money laundering" long before "satanic pedophile". At the very least, IRS is going to want a cut of this, and from what I've seen that's another strategy. The DOD is a financial black box. And not beholden to the IRS.

I assume you're referring to Rumsfeld's 9/10 announcement of a missing 2.3 trillion? Fuck it, that's just Tuesday for them. They're not answering to anyone, least of all the IRS -- they're already "Internal". But sales of art to private individuals? Under the aegis of a government which is pressured to increase revenues, yet not raise taxes? Look at the Pegasus Museum again. You'll see the targets.


[–] SaneGoatiSwear [S] 9 points 0 points (+9|-9) ago  (edited ago)


"hi i'm chris haaaanson, and this is to catch a predator. hi, you're tony podesta, hillary and bill clinton, and you thought you'd be meeting a 12 year old post op tranny girl on your friend jeffrey epstein's private island, but instead we're here with a camera crew, live! why don't you have a seat."


[–] OhBlindOne 5 points 16 points (+21|-5) ago 

I've never really had an issue with what you post, but @Cynabuns is not a shill and does not deserve to be called out.


[–] SaneGoatiSwear [S] 19 points 4 points (+23|-19) ago  (edited ago)

  • runs in the circles of known sjws

  • runs in the circles of known shills against voat

  • talks to admins off voat

  • codes voat

  • has keys to castle to ban users and sites (and has been found on one occassion to have banned a user without providing sufficient evidence (5 yt links, with a 7 minimum for ban)


  • has warned about malicious attacks against voat

  • notified voat of henrycorp

  • participated in stopping a rogue v/politics mod

... do you want me to go on?

mafia bosses

  • raped and tortured and murdered the innocent

  • gave lots of money and aid to the other innocent

so there's an argument there that cynabuns and mafia bosses are good people.



[–] OhBlindOne 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

has keys to castle to ban users and sites (and has been found on one occassion to have banned a user without providing sufficient evidence (5 yt links, with a 7 minimum for ban)

So, your best actual evidence of shill-ness is possibly one time when he didn't ban someone correctly? We all make mistakes in places of power. It's those that continue to make rampantly bad decisions that we need to look out for. Not someone who may have banned one guy t some point for the wrong reasons.

talks to admins off voat

codes voat

So because he contributes to Voat, he's a shill? I've talked to the admins before too. Not to the extent I suppose, but regarding certain issues before. Does that make me a shill?

Let's do the same for you, real quick:

  • Is really annoying and posts obnoxious stuff all over voat

  • staunchly pushes his own agenda on others, forcing everyone to put up with him

  • makes grandiose claims (not all of which are wrong), but often fails to source his statements.

Man, you're not looking so good you shill...

I'm not saying you're actually a shill, but if you use this same logic against yourself you come out as a big shill.


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I still love you @Cynabuns


[–] anoneko 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago 

Or perhaps the slimg had bad and lackluster management, being a non-professional clone of imgur. Remember how "stable" voat was a month ago, same thing.


[–] SaneGoatiSwear [S] 8 points -1 points (+7|-8) ago 

i forgot one of the theories!



[–] DietCokehead1 2 points 11 points (+13|-2) ago 

How is @Cynabuns a shill?


[–] SaneGoatiSwear [S] 14 points 0 points (+14|-14) ago  (edited ago)

this is not a v/protectvoat post about the cabal.

you want me to do a megapost on cyna / she ?


[–] WEHRMACHT_BITCHES_AT 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Alt-Righters have been getting doxxed heavily these past weeks as well


[–] heygeorge 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Who got doxxed? I missed this.


[–] WEHRMACHT_BITCHES_AT 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago  (edited ago)

All of TRS (therightstuff.biz) which is a big hit for us. Also Millennial woes from youtube who had to flee the country as a result. Jews also went after Richard Spencers mom and tried to force her to sell her house.


[–] bikergang_accountant 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

One more theory. Gvid went down for a second and I talked to my hosting provider. He said that there are DDOS going around (or he wanted an excuse). It could be the case that ddos took down their provider at least temporarily and sli.mg isn't redeploying itself without admin intervention.

Frankly I think it's a case of mismanagement more that anything fishy. The whole fishy aspect appeared when pizzagate though it was exclusively their images that were down without check any others. It then spread.

I have some code for a splitting image host half done. Let's see if I can launch it tomorrow. Is anyone interested in that? What it does is instead of hosting the image it remembers all the right redirects in db and send you to one of say five sites where the raw image is hosted (at the choice of the uploader). At first though it does just host the image so that you can get the image linked to right away. It would trim the redirects if the site removes the image or goes down.


[–] SaneGoatiSwear [S] 8 points -2 points (+6|-8) ago 


attacks when admins aren't around

fair enough


you do what you want, but you sound like you want to start a sort of middleman site between hosts and a host for images.

no trackers, no analytics, no ads, don't retain data, auto-remove meta data, gif support, high speed load, good luck no-cloudflare-ing it (nsa passthrough even voat uses :(


basically a "good image host" is a red herring at this point. good luck with that.


[–] derram 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

You didn't mention what archive.is deleted in the post.

If it's about those archives that showed a DMCA takedown notice, that was something they added to block bots. It was happening to anything submitted across three different bots I have.


[–] SaneGoatiSwear [S] 5 points 0 points (+5|-5) ago 

aaand what are your thoughts on catbox and cuntflaps and all those?


[–] derram 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

I use catbox because it was the first I found that could handle everything imgur hosts and they have an api that allows uploading via URL. I didn't notice anything I disagreed with in the TOS, though. Longevity could be an issue.

I've been using vgy.me as my main image host since long before slimg was a thing, but their TOS are pretty restrictive since they're based in the UK.


[–] SaneGoatiSwear [S] 6 points 0 points (+6|-6) ago 

great info derram!

thanks man!

what site you using now that sli.mg is down?

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