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It was recommended to me I check this out. So I did. Was going to leave it as a comment, but thought others could learn with me. Kudos to Konran leading me thisaway.

"I feel like your gender identity is something really innate within you and it has no correlation to your body... like when I get periods then it's just something that happens to my body - it's not like this is a woman thing, this is just a thing." Taken from here.

Dr Polly Carmichael seems to be at the helm of Tavistock. The Institute has been prescribing sex-changing hormones to children, as young as twelve. The above quote is from a 16 year old, but there is one nine year old taking the puberty blockers.

Children and their families have to wait around nine months before being seen by experts here. I meet Poppy - a nine-year-old who has transitioned from male to female and is on the waiting list.

At 16, someone can decide to take cross-sex hormones to look more like the gender they identify with, and at 18 can opt for surgical intervention. Those procedures don't happen here. Patients are sent to University College London Hospital but the key decisions about what is right for them and how they should move forward are concluded in this building. Children and their families have to wait around nine months before being seen by experts here. I meet Poppy - a nine-year-old who has transitioned from male to female and is on the waiting list. "When I was little I used to go to my wishing well in the garden, throw some stones down there and wish I was a girl and that wish came true," she tells me. "I didn't feel like myself as a boy and didn't feel right and something felt wrong inside. I'm so happy now." To critics this is all about interfering with nature. But staff here insist that each case is different and that the media have created an illusion that this is happening on a mass scale when actually it is only occurring in a small proportion of the population.

Nevermind that the human brain isn't even done developing until 25 years.

From what I can tell, they will administer hormones to stop puberty up until 16, at 16 they will administer gender reversal hormones, and at 18 they will allow surgical procedures.

Dailymail states Dr Carmichael said it was 'better' for children not to have gone through puberty before 'transitioning'.

Puberty is hard on everyone regardless of gender. Mood changes in puberty Puberty can be a difficult time for children. They're coping with changes in their body, and possibly acne or body odour as well, at a time when they feel self-conscious. Puberty can also be an exciting time, as children develop new emotions and feelings. But the "emotional rollercoaster" they’re on can have psychological and emotional effects, such as: unexplained mood swings low self-esteem aggression depression ](http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/puberty/Pages/puberty-signs.aspx))

Of note is that thus far, the National Health Service knows about all of this. Puberty is confusing. Life is confusing when you are 29, let alone nine. My take: this is part of the global depopulation agenda. Convince those that are too young to fully comprehend the gravity of their decisions and the long term effects on their bodies, allow them to stumble around in the dark confusing time of adolescence, and in some cases even pre-teens, and help them nuke their bodies and self image in the process. Eugenics TWO POINT ZERO.


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Cool - glad I could help point you in a certain direction. Kudos to you for researching the subject further.

I'm with you on this - the conclusion is that there appears to be a concerted effort to move towards a transhumanist world - the reason for this end goal eludes me - maybe it's all just about making more money...

The thing is it's getting worse as this idea that we can all be whatever the fuck we want seems to be spreading.

The following quote is from another BBC article published in April 2015;

Over the past six years there's been a four-fold increase in children aged 10 or under being referred to the unit in 2014-15, compared with 2009-10. Of those children, 47 were aged five or younger and two of the children were three years old.

[EDIT: To include link to BBC article]