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Here is a summary of the claims OP made in this post (/pol/ thread dated 07/02/2016): Archive at https://archive.is/RffAd for easier navigation.

Key claims about the situation as a whole:

  • The Clinton emails are important, but should not be allowed to distract one from the much larger corruption centering around the CF (Clinton Foundation)

  • A complete release of the server contents at the wrong time could lead to civil uprising and international war, as Hillary's indictment could implicate many other major public figures

  • The CF is a money laundering operation for hundreds of high-level officials/business people

  • A sizeable part of the government is guilty of treason

OP claims about them self:

  • High level FBI analyst

  • Has intimate insider knowledge of the Clintons

  • Wants to maintain plausible deniability

  • Fears for their own life

  • Claims 3 possible options on the release of the dirt on the Clintons:

    A) Turn over Clinton dirt to the DOJ

    B) Pick and choose the data given to the DOJ, in an effort to avoid nationwide upheaval

    C) Do nothing

Claims about Bill and Hilalry Clinton:

  • Bill's meeting with Lynch actually increases the chances of Hillary's indictment, as it raises questions

  • (when asked about Bill's health) Says Bill will likely die this year, of natural causes

  • The CF has close ties to the Saudis, the "Russia uranium fiasco," the isreal lobby, and the council on foreign relations. "The list is endless"

  • Hillary sold SAPs (special access programs) to oversea donors.

  • SAPs were leaked to her, as she does not have clearance to posses any of them

  • Hillary sold weapons, favors, intel, and people to enemies of state

Claims about Trump:

  • Dirty, but not to the same degree as the Clintons

  • Trump hates the Clintons

  • Trump could be charged with bribery through the use of building permits, but almost certainly get off without conviction.

  • Has access to some of the Hillary documents, and will soon leak them to boost his public perception

  • If Trump wins, Hillary will be prosecuted

  • FBI is mostly pro-trump

General claims:

  • Jerome Corsi is the only researcher that comes close to having enough dirt to actually effect the indictment

  • Obama has "impeachment-level" involvement

  • FBI has been advised to stay quiet, and most comply because they want to keep their jobs.

  • Obama and Hillary hate each other

  • Its time to buy a gun

  • The FBI has an odd fascination with /pol/, and perhaps even enjoy the theories and content

  • George Soros is the "kingpin." "Soros owns tavistock. Tavistock owns the government. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tavi "

  • Germany is not involved, though merkel like hillary

  • "Red Team Planner" was spot on in his analysis

The above info is all taken from the image above. I encourage you guys to pick this apart in any way you can. Despite the complete lack of proof to these claims, I can't find any holes in the post.


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this is an excellent summary. i would add the following:

  • the clinton foundation has been both directly and indirectly involved in human trafficking, mainly into the middle east.

  • some of the things that hrc has done for money would "make your eyes pop out of your skull" and

  • if a certain amount of what hrc and the cf has done leaks out, it could lead to both u. s. civil war and world war.


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This is the one that grabs my interest the most:

  • SAPs were leaked to her, as she does not have clearance to posses any of them


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Hi. Bit late reply but I found my way to that thread and 8ch through this so ty.

Who was red team planner you mention at the end of this post?


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I'll see if I can find the image of the thread. It was an anon claiming to be a government official charged with making a theoretical enemy strategy for the purpose of a war game (on paper, rather than actual physical maneuvers). It was pages long, and full to the top of some really top-tier (imo) analysis.

Edit: found it: https://archive.is/uwbbx I seem to remember another post, possibly by the same guy, but this is all that's coming up at the moment. The post I remember is basically a heavily expanded version of the picture I just linked.


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Fun read. Would be nice to see the shit-storm.


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Great read


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Yeah because a random anon from 4chan /pol/ is going to be the source of my information


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Of course you shouldn't take this anon's words to be gospel, but anonymous reports are (imo) the best starting point for your own research. All things considered, this guy knows a lot about a lot. It doesn't necessarily mean hes being honest, but it would make him one of the better educated trolls I've seen in recent memory.


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Its sad to see you got 2 downvotes for thinking with your brain.

Hey retards: what is the first rule of 4chan? Nothing on 4chan is real! Neither is this shit! For fucks sakes