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Is he getting a real star, or a parody of a star?

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I miss Dr. Demento's radio show from waaaay back in the AM only days.

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Ah man, that brings back some memories! Such a great radio show.

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Wow. That show was great! Blast from the past.

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Just don't let "Shaving Cream" get stuck in your head.

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UHF was a cinematic masterpiece.

Spatula City!

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Hm... hopefully that doesn't mean he's lost his integrity. Always liked Al and his brain... UHF is a favorite. "C'mon Bob! Cheer up! I made your favorite... Twinkie weiner sandwiches!"

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His music was funny and I enjoyed it when I was younger, but do musicians get stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I was under the impression it was for people involved with Hollywood, which is typically shows and movies, not music.

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You haven't seen UHF?

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I hadn't, but after searching it, it's a movie from the 80's that just barely surpassed it's $5m budget to earn $6.1m? I didn't realize that's all it took to get a star.

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You fill out an application and pay a $30,000 fee to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The basic categories are movies, TV, radio, music, or live theater. If the Chamber likes you enough and thinks folks will visit your star then you get one. It really has little to do with anything else.

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I wonder if they're putting it where Trump's star used to be?