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That's the point of gold.

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Sitchen told us, it all got shipped off-world to Nibiru. Damned aliens.

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This is such a fucking lie.. if America actually mined all the gold we have.. it would have zero value. That’s how the president got duped into the federal reserve... go to Bix Weir ..” Road to Roota” Trump will go crypto.. gold is worthless except for ornamentation. Wake up... like the de beers family guarding mines of diamonds... they are as common as glass.. controlled supply is how they make “ perceived value”... I’d rather have a copper bracelet!!!

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Just like we ran out of oil, right? Oh, that's right, we didn't run out of oil, we found more sources of oil than the world has ever known in all of human history. These stupid stories, who believes them?

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The Jews have it all.

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They can always buy some.