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(let’s not say how and why)

I want to know how and why.

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Yep Necrosis ain't no joke you cant really cure it the docs just continue cutting away the dead tissue. My sister in law (who is rather LARGE) contracted this in her folds they cut away 70 pounds of tissue over 6 months she had to be bathed in a bleach type solution that burned the shit out of her. Probably could have died. When she left the Hospital finally she was around 320 pounds and here we are several years later and shes back to almost 500. SMH....

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That is truly terrible. Really sorry that that happened to your sister.

Where does she live? Does she live by herself? Is there some way to shut her in a room and feed her only vitamins, water, and maybe the off banana for potassium for a year to burn off all that fat? Does she have a job?

I mean goddamn. I wouldn't wish necrosis on anyone but my very, very worst of enemies. Maybe not even then.

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At least someone is because she sure isn't sorry.

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I'd have let her die rather than waste the time, energy, and resources sustaining a slow growing suicide.