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I like the idea of basic income but I doubt that it can function. I would like the idea of a basic income that gets higher the more years you actually worked.

Where I live, burn-outs, depressions suicides are on the rise especially when older people are fired to work longer and get less pension. Currently when you take into account my commute, I have 12 hour daily working hours. Been doing this for many years now and it is destroying my health. I am forced to to that work because if I lose my job then it is game over and I descent in poverty (I am too old to get hired).

A basic income would actually reduce the stress and give me room to take a risk and move to another job closer to home.


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"While entrepreneurs are eager to put these people to work, the rules of Finland’s generous social safety net effectively discourage this. Jobless people generally cannot earn additional income while collecting unemployment benefits or they risk losing that assistance. For laid-off workers from Nokia, simply collecting a guaranteed unemployment check often presents a better financial proposition than taking a leap with a start-up in Finland, where a shaky technology industry is trying to find its footing again.

Now, the Finnish government is exploring how to change that calculus, initiating an experiment in a form of social welfare: universal basic income. Early next year, the government plans to randomly select roughly 2,000 unemployed people — from white-collar coders to blue-collar construction workers. It will give them benefits automatically, absent bureaucratic hassle and minus penalties for amassing extra income."


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Businesses in Finland would steadily leave to avoid the dramatic increase in taxes needed to sustain the guaranteed income. It would also make foreign, i.e. illegal/undocumented, laborers more appealing to import and maintain. That's before we touch on anything else about it.


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All of these studies like this are too limited to be of use. It is only 2000 randomly selected unemployed people. So anyone in a dead end job already is fucked and will just have to keep toiling away. It is only for 2 years, so anyone getting the money would be stupid not to take a job offered to them during that time. So in the end we will still have absolutely no idea how good or bad this would be on a larger scale.


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https://archive.is/w8WE1 :

Free Cash in Finland. Must Be Jobless. - The New York Times

'Basic income is intended to be permanent, built for an age in which demand for labor may be perpetually slack. '

'His 3,300 euros in monthly wages (about $3,450) have given way to 650 euros (about $680) in monthly unemployment benefits. '

'Workers who were idled in lean times could pay their bills using unemployment benefits while awaiting the inevitable return of flush ones. '

'The technology world has seized on basic income as the response to automation and its threat of joblessness. '

'Universal basic income is gaining consideration in part as an acknowledgment that the labor market has changed so fundamentally that full employment may amount to a fantasy. '

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