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How is that a macchiato if there is milk on the bottom?


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machiatto means the milk is on the bottom, and espresso is on the the top


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We agree on a lot DietCokehead1, but on this one I have to disagree.

I own and service espresso machines and personally make a few thousand coffees a year, as well as sourcing beans for wholesalers and predicting regional trends for yearly harvests.

A Macchiato should always pour a small amount of well frothed and medium textured milk into 30mls of Espresso.

A long Macchiato should pour a slightly larger amount of the same style frothed milk into roughly 60ml Espresso.

The reasoning behind this is a photo like that looks like what comes out of a fully automatic Espresso machine, where the milk is well frothed, but poorly textured.

Long Macchiato

Whenever you are making a milk based drink you should be pouring heated milk into espresso, otherwise coffee art is impossible and you're not taking advantage of physics. Coffee crema is a composition of oil based compounds, oil floats on water, so you want crema to be the first thing to hit the customers lips, as that is where the majority of flavour compounds are.


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So is that different from a macchiato which is an espresso shot with foamed milk on the top? Because I've never heard of a machiatto.


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looks like a latte to me.

i guess i think of a machiato as an esspresso with a spot of foamed milk.