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The Destiny 2 campaign will last around 12 hours | VG247

'If you’re after more Destiny 2 coverage, we have some pretty darned big Destiny 2 guides for you right here. '

'It looks like Destiny 2’s campaign will take you around 12 hours to complete. '

'Although Destiny 2 is primarily a multiplayer experience to be played online with buddies, Bungie has made more fuss over the story and campaign after criticism of the first title. '

'Twitch streamers such as Jericho began broadcasting the campaign as soon as they got their hands on it, playing through the entire story before jumping into the multiplayer modes. '

'Released yesterday or last night depending on where you live, players have begun to complete all 16 acts of the main campaign, which pitches Guardians against Ghaul and his Red Legion. '

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