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judging by how much they gave during the beta I assume it is going to be much more story heavy. here is a first impressions video that talks about that.



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https://archive.is/hCIY5 | :

Here's exactly how much PvE content is in Destiny 2 | PCGamesN

'With Destiny 2’s console release being next week, it’s only natural that it would spring a few leaks. '

'Find out everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s first major raid - the Leviathan. ', "Translated from French by Reddit user a_tortoise_IRL, it looks like Destiny 2's campaign will only have “17 main missions” at launch."

'When you also consider that Destiny 2’s first DLC is planned to launch sometime in December, there should be more than enough content to keep Guardians occupied until the end of 2017. '

'Following someone getting their hands on an early copy of a GameStop guide for Destiny 2, we’ve got a good idea on the amount of PvE content in the base game. '

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