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she burned the coal then pocketed tens of thousands of dollars of his money and claimed it was on IVF didnt she....

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This faggot is just that, a leftist faghot. I dont know what's worst, christian faggot cucks or atheist faghot cucks.

Christian cucks are at least being shot Christian's. If their interpretation of the new testament is to let a nigger animal creampie your wife, then fuck, nothing was going to help you. But then atheist faghot cucks are just doing what is allowed and celebrated by libertarian types which always seems to fal into cuckdom anyway.

My point is, a cuck is a cuck, is a cuck.

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My point is, a cuck is a cuck, is a cuck.

Bingo - I don't see OP recommending atheism or another religion because it would be just as easy, if not easier, to find a photo very similar to this one to respond with. The guy in the photo is a loser, but to assume the religion behind the West's greatness is to blame makes me chuckle.

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The native European faiths are the way to go. There’s plenty of evidence that they were what made us great and we only achieved greatness in spite of Christianity weighing us down. Everything that we have in the west started from Greek/Roman and Germanic, and the renaissance only happened because it became acceptable for people to read ancient Greek and Roman knowledge.

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But if your not mocking chistians, the jews will be sad. (((They))) made an anon sub specifically to attack christianity, best you could do is drink some of (((their))) cool aid.

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Not sure whether I actually believe this happened.

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It being posted to an anon sub so the author can bail when they run out arguments should tell you something.

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There is nothing Christian about this.

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That is by far the most expensive set of boat anchors I have ever seen. Mozeltov.

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Yes, goyim, being for Christianity is totally something us Jews fear


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It is terrifying I'm sure. Luckily all the good goys will also donate to help feed Hololocoaster survivors who are starving in Israel, unfortunately surrounded by kikes who can't spare a shekel to help their fellow hebrews and shebrews.

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They will probably grow up to be feral and uneducatable. The "parents" will look back amd hate their decision but never admit to it to anyone. I hear there are now support groups for this type of thing.

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Looks like he just robbed a zoo

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What the fuck?