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Bible researchers 'discover' something well known and researched by non bible scholars since the ancient greeks.

No one dumbfounded.

Just to save anyone reading it.... apparently theyve just discovered that people wrote things down before 1500 and theres lots of things in different languages and lots of things in different languages also write about things that are similar to the king james. Thats it.

(If you are interested i think theyre referring to septuagint, dead sea, essene scrolls with some attempts to link it with roman documents who erm... dont actually record anything about a jesus christ until a cult of christ is mentioned but lets not go there...)

Also no mention of anyone being 'dumbfounded' or why they are dumbfounded....


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The Jehovah Witnesses say they have done this already and their Bible is the definitive guide.

As we can prove with Noah, a couple of kids can populate the world. But some how the Bible which has proven other stories is the correct version! The article itself clearly skips the first few copies but uses thousands of reference points that can be cross checked to verify that the good book is correct.

But nah, let’s skip that maybe the first 200 copies had already inserted inconsistencies that others took as word.

The importance of Jesus is that he as man is not, he is important because we all hold the Jesus spirit and don’t need to be saved because we started as saved since the time of Christ. Oops! There goes a whole money making scam down the drain.


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The bible belongs in the fiction section of book stores.