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Money, God and you Matthew 6 19 34 - YouTube

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God bless. Yea and Amen. You're right - Jesus never said the Kingdom of God has a problem with money - Jesus said, THE LOVE OF MONEY...is the root of all evil. To add a biblical layer to your sharing...even the old covenant has plenty to say about honest vs dishonest financial dealings. You mentioned two things that lay at the crux of true Christianity; not a religion - but a relationship. A man/woman/child has to develop a personal, one on one true relationship with God BEFORE they can "hear" His voice. I've seen a lot of wonderful, God loving folks - go through some very challenging times BECAUSE, they knew what they learned at church - and NOT what they heard from God. "And faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God". There is NO alternative to developing your relationship with God, via His Word - via Prayer (which is not just vain empty words or repetitions) - prayer is having a heart to heart. You can't claim God's Word for your life - the abundance Jesus promised, the prosperity and health of III Jn:2 - the overcoming of tribulation, the victory - etc...without knowing God says it's available and then going to Him with/about it when the attacks comes. YOU AND GOD TOGETHER MAKE A MAJORITY. God does not work by osmosis - everything He ever promised for us in His Word - He accomplished in His son, Jesus Christ. We have to believe it to receive it. Amen....you covered that in "Focus on God", "Trust God" - I was just expounding that it takes faithful, believing effort (because there is always the world's system to try and talk you out of it). We ALL have free will choice and we reap the blessing or the consequences of our choices. Either they are God's Will for our life - or they are not. We must grow with God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God IN US to learn the difference. You mention..."If you let God control your life". God does not control our lives...in that, every thought, every action we take or that happens to us - though God IS SOVEREIGN in that - He steps in beyond our capability. Like Prophecy...what ever God WILLS to come to pass, WILL come to pass. But folks get confused to believe that they don't have to do anything...know the Word of God...or make any Word based (because they don't know the Word - they haven't prayed, talked to God)...they think they can just go about their "walk" and God will do all the work. It doesn't work like that - EVERYTHING that God WILL do for you - He already promised - and He DID IT through His son, Jesus Christ. Amen...JUST like you said, there is no substitute for God and His Word....NO spirituality by osmosis - I finally began to grow when I stepped out beyond the "church" curtain - and began my own SEEK WITH/FOR GOD. And boy oh boy - I joke.....I like to say.....and boy did He show up! BUT it's not God that was lost - God never left, He didn't have to show up - it was ME that finally showed up! It's been an amazing spirit filled, abundance and supernatural style life since. Thanks for sharing!