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Just proof of how shallow Christianity has become. Its a personality cult of sorts that has nothing to do with reality and obviously it splits out into a kind of product what it is a projection back into reality that is broken into a million different stars, with people's wishes being tied to them, but none of them being true, good, and beautiful, nor in any sense directing itself towards truth, reality, morality, and nature.

This does not mean that a person like Jesus did not exist and that he was of course God, but it is so corrupted and put under that it does not remove the possibility, but in essence it is removed when considers that it is subject to some extent to the intuitive in such a manner where it reaches out to first principles such as Jesus, but is never able to fit him back into a greater whole that fits back into the immanence of man.

Maybe, I am wrong, but if God had created each person with his own unique intellectual soul one would expect that ontologically he would not had to send a son to make up for a first original sin, which obviously seems to be untrue, because obviously it would be a certain kind of showiness of God, it would only reach so much of humanity, and what good would it do to God emanating in man, since if already does, why send a son to mediate this situation(goes back to the original sin argument, but then again God bestows such grace on man and man must convert it into something worthwhile(its not that binary and is entropic, and so why would Jesus be necessitated, obviously its a Jewish-like cult that was then fueled on and given its basis only later onwards by people like St. Augustine, who had to find a way to resolve their self-loathing of body and the need for an original state of perfection which man has fallen out of grace of, which necessitates the original sin argument, but then once again it is a projection of man's anthropomorphized and materialistic needs.


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You're so smart you're stupid.