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How are we expected to believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God?

It's a story from 2 thousand years ago.

A rabbi that wanted to end the blood sacrifices by offering his own life.

Jesus was a rabbi.

The Jews were evil back then.

The only time in His life that He got angry was when he saw the Jews making money off of God.

What has changed in 2,000 years?

A quarter.... 3 of His very own Apostles that lived and witnessed His life didn't believe.

Doubting Thomas.... "stick your fingers into my wounds."

Paul in the garden of gethsemane... "don't know him... never saw him before in my life"


Now... More than 2,000 years later... We are expected to believe unconditionally. The gift of faith.

Faith is belief in something that can't be proved.


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What has changed in 2000 years?

You’ve become so disconnected from spirituality that you now need ‘faith’ to rationalize the supra-rational. Whereas in the era of geeece and early-Rome, the gods walked with men. It wasn’t a matter of faith, because men knew they were in the presence of gods.

What has happened is the slow degradation and retardation of human spirituality. You praise the tragic flaws of the hero’s. The populace follows the dogma of materialism.

Where is the place for spirituality and unconscious belief in the gods; when you tarnish and tear down the ability to understand that there are things to be left not to reason, but to the supra-rational.

Instead of leaving the unrational undisturbed, humans have taken it upon themselves to destroy what was once calm power. There now must be logic and irrationalism in whatever we perceive. We no longer wish to follow and enjoy the flow of natural power. Instead, we disregard the limits set upon us and undertake the belief of titans who must throw off the shackles of the powers we cannot achieve due to our very own subordinate nature.

Faith is for those who must remind themselves they are mortals, and not gods. Faith is for those who have already been degraded to a form below that of the Olympian caliber.


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I'd be a true believer if some sandnigger would have discovered the Dead Sea Three and a Quarter Inch Floppy Discs that held all the writings of antiquity. ..or the Dead Sea HDCD.

Let's face it... We have been played by religion.

Let's face it... We are being played by a caste that has been around for a long time.

Who are they? What do they want from us? Why do they do this? ...wars ...forced immigration ...hidden technology ...more wars and taxes to make us pay for it all.

You can count your money and burn it within the nod of a buffalo's head.....


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When Jesus was in the Gethsemane garden, Paul was still known as Saul; he never met Jesus until after the resurrection. It was Peter, not Paul, who denied that he knew Jesus when the going got tough on the night of Christ's arrest. However, Peter was later crucified upside down for being a Christian.

In fact, almost all of the Apostles were killed for their belief in Jesus. There was certainly no gold nor power to be had by these martyrs, so why would so many men go to their death for a lie?


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That's why its called faith. The colossal amount of circumstantial evidence through thousands of years of history about god, gods and the supernatural is a very compelling argument that god is real.


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You want to believe? I have a question for you. If someone was to answer your question, and prove to you through the scriptures that Jesus is who He said He is, would you believe in Him?