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Joshua's army was God's medium of judgement upon Canaan after 400 years' patience to repent, just as He had sent the plagues upon Egypt forty years earlier; in this instance He had preferred a human army to plague, direct or angelic intervention. Under the Noachic covenant, blood was demanded for blood (Gen. 9.6) and Canaan was explicitly cursed (Gen. 9.25-26). The blood penalty has been met and thus rendered obsolete for ever by Christ's death, and since Jerusalem's collapse in A.D. 70 (Matthew 27.25, the last blood curse invoked before Christ's death) God's pure commandment not to kill may stand in full unobscured force.

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I did you something of a disservice there. I only gave you one point of reference, so I figured I'd offer the whole enchilada. Below the following comes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church Index, section "M". I hope that you find it helpful. The CCC also provides biblical references and any references made on the subject of particular note worthiness.

Murder (intentional killing)

forgiveness for the sin of, 1447

only God is the Lord of life, 2258

as a grave sin, 1447

haters as murderers, 1033

intentional euthanasia as, 2324

intentional killing as a legitimate defense, 2263-65

origin of, 2517

seriousness and condemnation of intentional, 1756, 2261, 2268

sin that cries to heaven, 1867

unintentional killing, 2263, 2269

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Thank you, I appreciate your help.

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Bible story have many instence of sin. God teaches us through the sins of our ancestors and in this case he destroyed a city using his people... And then some sin happen, some lesson happen. Read the whole story, read the whole book. Read it again.

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Well I've read the whole story, I've read the whole book multiple times. I understand that there are sins and lessons at play in every Bible story. What I'm seeing here is God telling people not to kill each other and then commanding them to go kill people. The action in Jericho was not defensive, it was an offensive.

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Yea I see your trouble in understanding the inconsistency. What you're conflating is God teaching not to sin and God commanding his people (in the context of a bible story) to directly sin. There are multiple examples of this in the bible, why are you focused on this one? What aren't you seeing in this story?