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Dangerous to their plans to completely destroy the country from within, yes.


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Because Christians are the antithesis of modern, degenerate liberal values and ideals.

Conservative values are now the new counter culture.


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Yeah, this is new. You better start fighting back or we'll be stuck with isrealites or muslims taking over.


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Christian parents ARE dangerous to them. They are right to fear a belief system that undermines it by influence, not political power.


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I’ve spoken to many prospective parents and foster parents over the last several years who were either overtly rejected as a result of their views on sexuality, or otherwise found that they were suddenly and abruptly rejected when their views were made known.

i have seen christians advocate not allowing gay people to foster care for children. the liberals are just feeding them their own medicine.


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Of course you'd see this as a problem, pedo. Many of your friends are gay and much like yourself prefer their sexual partners as young as possible. Christian parents aware of the B.S. will be more inclined to guard their children from the likes of you and that's a threat to your prospects.