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Now that is what one calls police brutality. Blacks have seen nothing.

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Oh, it won't be the police. The police are soft in this country and the whole push against them brutal was meant to soften them up and turn them into a multi-cultural cesspool with Wakanda running the show.

You will see white men with guns taking action if blacks get into their mind that they are empowered enough to attack whites(probably in most cases becuase they are Trump supporters).

Its when they take their violation of every possible principle, consumerism, and listen to their puppets(this is sort of the sad part) that they will unleash on the "system." They dislike the system because it has whites in it. Our establishment is not really pro-white, which was only true before Kennedy.

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The guy seemed to be taking the stabs pretty well at first.

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Yeah, he stayed moving a long time for getting stuck so many times.

The amount of blood visible while he was still fighting was surprising.

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I once heard being stabbed feels warm and wet. It doesn't immediately hurt, because of the adrenaline and because it's a sharp incision and not a blunt weapon

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He was in a conciliatory mood.

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That's impressive.

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Good luck finding a hospital in china that isn't a shitshow scam. This dude is done.

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He could’ve been stabbed in the operating room and he’d still be done. Don’t fuck with knives.

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Good luck discerning what actually happened here. More than likely the murdered simply offended the Chicom cop. China is out of control. I'm willing to bet its billion-person state lives barely a moment's notice from anarchy across its entire gulag.

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A good lesson for all those that carry a knife for personal defense. Yes it's a dumb idea.

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If you were the human pin cushion would you not want a knife in that situation? A gun is obviously superior but I will take a piece of 1095 and make that slope nigger pay.

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He would have been better off running. He had an arterial bleed before he even realized what was happening. A knife would not have changed the outcome.

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This was not usage of knife for self-defense. This was using a knife for attack.

Here's another video showing knife usage for self defense: https://voat.co/v/ChinkInsectoids/2704438

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This was not usage of knife for self-defense

No shit sherloc.

My point was the guy was stabbed what 50 times? Still fighting, if he was a stronger opponent he would have turned the tide of the fight despite being stabbed. Same deal with your video. Awfully spry after being stabbed.

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Yah...that cop is real awesome.

You should move there.