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fuck. that's scary. They aren't stealing babies to adopt either. Chinamens need guns.

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The commie apparatchiks need new organs. If you know of a cheaper way to source them I'd like to hear it.

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Are they getting ransomed?

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As far as I know, they're not being held for ransom.

Prior to about 1900, children under 14 were considered to be fair game to be captured and taken to the butcher. The meat would then be sold. (Source: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmUtVJHREqThcmdaEKw1dUd6AHqNJSPGDP5oyNdd9294WS).

One reason children are being kidnapped today is to be used by gangs of beggars. There are probably other reasons, though.

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Wow. I know some crazy shite happened in America but it was never to that level. I've worked some Chinese not directly, but around them. They are definetly different. I get the whole insect thing.