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Wow, someone tried to help.

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He was probably thinking if he killed it he would get to eat it. If it was chink on chunk, no way he would have stopped to help.

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Ha! Faggot is so weak he couldn't defend himself from a small dog. Just imagine if it was a real dog like a german shepherd or dane.

If you cant kill a small animal with your bare hands, you are a helpless little soy and you earned and deserve the fruits of your weakness.

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That looks like a big pit too me. But I guess I only have a chink for size comparison lol Either way dude needs to get on top and start wrangling it's fucking neck or twisting it's head 720°

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Good luck with that. I don't think you understand game dogs. They don't feel pain. You have to rip it balls off, run your hand up it ass, or down it's throat, to get them to stop. Even a 9mm wont stop them on the first shot. My buddy blew a hole in one so big he could hear it sucking air into its lungs trough it and it still was attacking his dogs. He shot it in the forehead and it deflected off it's skull. They had to beat it to the ground and step on its face and shoot it in the ear.

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That dog wasn't even pissed, it was playing. That dog could have killed that sissy chink in a second if it wanted too