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Why do they have nigger nipples?

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I think they're called "Nips".

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NSFW, please tag properly.

In before "I don't wanna, you're dumb dumb head."

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Thanks! It's not a huge big deal, but I like to keep Voat, uh, relatively welcoming to folks who would rather not encounter NSFW stuff. I wish there was a way to accommodate more, uh, "decent" folk without technically censoring, but it's hard enough to manage just the NSFW separation.

I guess that means I'm in favor of the "separate but equal" principle generally speaking. I just think people should be able to self segregate or not however they'd like, so long as they ain't gettin' too aggressive about outsiders passin' through if they're at least minimally well behaved. But I don't know, I suppose I haven't thoroughly thought through the consequences, but that just seems reasonable, thinkin' it over at a glance.

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Howdy neighboureeno! Croisos diddely heist, are you riddly-really that thin-skinned when it comesies diddily ding dong down to comments you diddily ding dong don't like?

Croisos diddely heist!