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Murder time. Their whole family line is gonna die.

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wtf. Why

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Food. It's still a common practice in east asian countries to eat dogs. Even though some people still keep them as pets, others view the animals as bbq.

Alternatively, there have been cases of stealing and reselling pets. This actually happens in America, but is not that common. But, the bread of dog that they just stole does not take well to knew owners and will try to run back to their old ones. So, probably for food.

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They eat the meat and organs, use the pelts for coats linings/ slippers, and construct cages with the larger bones to house their next canine abductees. Also, after sucking out the marrow, they will usually utilize the small bones for toothpicks, tattoo needles, intravenous drug use, urethra games, and friendship bracelets.

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Those dogs lives were worth far more than the lives of those slant eyed subhumans.

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Fucking disgusting... Those dogs got horribly tortured before their deaths. Skinned alive and left to experience the pain. Probably got video taped and then those demonically possesed assholes sold the video on some darkweb site. I've been fucked up all week because of a few seconds of a single gif...

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WTF? That’s a thing? Why?

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I think they end up on somebody's dinner plate.

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Jesus. Fuck. What the fuck.

Actually, I wonder when they'll start eating each other?

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fuckign assholes. give those dogs guns.

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Slick surface had the dogs at a bigger disadvantage :(

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If some motherfucker comes after my dogs... There won't be a body for the trial.

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