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I cringe at this.

I have issues with how little disregard they have for others. The abstaining of responsibility by ending a life rather than trying to fix it is a terrible sense of mind. I understand their motive is to be unburdened by the healthcare and recovery of the other but they did something wrong and rather than owning up to the problem they try and destroy the evidence of their wrong.

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You still wont accept that chinks are a clone race of automatons. They bred mindless soulless workers when they built the wall. The whole race is nothing more than factory equipment

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They are human ants. They're only concern is the colony a d have no value for the individual. Why do you think they'll easily kill each other. They're ant people.

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remember reading a bit back where there were a few incidents of cars hitting pedestrians, and instead of fleeing or helping, they would run over the pedestrian again, to ensure they didn't have to pay for the medical bills.

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I'll make it tomorrow's

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who's unaware? that's the same guy, that's got to be intentional.