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That whole rhetoric drives me batty. When I was younger I bought into the whole "get married, have babies" idea because that's what folks did (and because I was too young to have much of a view on anything other than what I witnessed myself).

As I've aged, I've realized more and more that I have no interest in either getting married or having babies. If I find one single person to spend the rest of my life with and they want marriage, well I'm not opposed to it per se - I just don't need it. I don't need the ring, the dress, the ceremony. That stuff is meaningless.

I have no interest in having a child, and that feeling gets stronger every day. I used to think I'd adopt and have my own, then it was just adopting, and now - I don't think I could be with a person who wanted to have kids. I just don't see myself changing my mind on that and I couldn't ask someone to be with me if that's something they wanted.

Children are not a thing/activity we need to have/engage in, period. They don't magically make you a (wo)man, or an adult, or complete. They are a lifetime commitment that completely changes your life as you know it, for the sake of furthering your gene pool and/or carrying on your name. It always seemed extremely narcissistic to me.

As a personal note, I'm stoked to say that I'm the 900th subscriber here :)


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Because the child-free do not produce future tax payers/consumers.