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Imagine, for just a moment, that you're a beetle.

Now, while you picture yourself doing beetle things, imagine a giant (to you) chicken appears. It cocks its head from side to side and, being a chicken, peers in close with its beady eyes.

The ground trembles as the chicken starts the chicken dance. All six of your beetle legs feel the vibrations. It makes a horrific sound as it peers in a second time.

Then, leaning back and squawking, the chicken lunges at you, beak agape and aiming to put you into its chicken craw. Fortunately, chickens aren't very good at aiming and you manage to make it under the cover of a giant green thing, humans would call it grass.

Tucking yourself up into a ball, trying to disappear from the giant chicken, you feel safe. That illusion is short lived as the fetid claws accompany the shadow in trying to seek you out...

Chickens are monsters, if you're small enough.


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