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Don't forget their former Polish mayor too. Slavs can be a problem too. They make up the blue-collared class in the area for the most part. Yeah, the big problem is the African-American population on the South Side. Its too bad Family Matters was not somewhat of a reality.

People like Rahm Emanuel like cities like this because they can justify all kinds of lunacy and all kinds of corruption, while they pretend to help the city out. The other flip side is cities like New York City that has been running smoothly through Guiliani and maybe Bloomberg(don't know about this one, I just think he sat on his wealth and was too busy taxing extra-sized soda cups; actually I think Bloomberg was just a bloated big money man that all the Occupy Wall Street focused should have revolted against, you hear me now Michael Moore?!), but ultimately you get crappy people like Bill De Blasio who ruin everything for everyone with his stupid ideas and multi-cultural madness and lies.