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My state does this too. It's a business incentive to have them and others spend their money in the state. They do for other types of businesses also.

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where im from does this with sports events. We have the Formula One, Motogp, Superbikes, (Bikers from all over the country ride from home down to Cowes every year for those two) our national football league is here, Tennis open, golf, cricket. I got one of my jobs in england simply because i spent years working at the MCG (Woman that interviewed me was a fellow expat!!!), and ill tell you straight up i could have earned a small fortune selling clumps of grass to english tourists that had come just for the cricket. MCG is hallowed international ground just as Lords is to cricket fans.

I can remember we had an Australia Vs Japan Soccer match at the G which was massive - capacity crowd there is 115,000 and i think that day had around 90k. Busiest i saw it was 190,000 with concert goers on the grass with 5 diff security teams on top of us in house guys.

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Lots of states do it. Maryland did for House of Cards. Georgia did for The Walking Dead. The list is long. Did it for Grand Prix too as well as an endless list of things that bring in either a number of jobs, tourism, or money.

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To put faggots in every show, obviously.

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This is not unusual. There are all kinds of places where dipshit liberals think they can turn their dumpy craphole into a flashy dumphole like Hollywood! if they just entice the media jews with offers of free money and tax breaks

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maybe they harvey weinsteined harvey weinstein.

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More jewry.

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Tax breaks are unconstitutional.