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If the species is endangered because of human interactions, then human intervention to combat this is a reasonable response. Might not change your entire viewpoint, but it should affect a significant percentage.


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I can accept this - although we get into murky territory over what qualifies as human interactions.

edit- consider the following examples...
* hunting elephants for their tusks. Bad. We can and should put a stop to that.
* on the other hand, what about the sailors of old that brought some bug to some island and now that bug is wiping out its native species? Is that our responsibility?
* or to further drive the point home, the Hawaiian Monk Seal is almost extinct - and we don't know exactly why. Sure, some of the decline can be contributed to them getting caught in fishing nets and other ocean trash, but the species also dies from diseases and poor genetic variation at an alarming rate.
* also, what about the coelacanth? We couldn't find this fucking fish for so long scientists concluded that it went extinct millions of years ago, then suddenly one shows up. We should study it, sure, but should we try to repopulate the bastards?

Food for thought.


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What if humans are the ones causing the extinction?

As a species, we need some self-imposed guidelines and safeguards to prevent or dissuade us from causing the extinction of species or destruction of our environment.


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It take human intervention to prevent humanity from going extinct.


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Chickens taste good.

Chickens would go extinct without human intervention.

Because chickens taste good, we don't want chickens to go extinct. Therefore, chickens should not be left alone.


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Thank god pigs are hearty bastards that live like jungle rats. Bacon will be safe.


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My opinion is any time something hits the endangered list; a CBA should be done to determine if the reward is worth the resources. The cheetah population is so low (only ~5% survive to adulthood), the genetic variance is bottle-necked and the population is doomed. Things like that are a waste of resources, but sadly, nature is a harsh bitch.