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Entirely untrue. I'm a full fucking liberal humanist in the most extreme sense, but I enjoy a lot about Voat. Some people are racist, but even when that's the direct case, you're completely up for arguing. Argue away. I say this as someone who fucking love... ed... Reddit. A site with voting, liberalism, etc., but it was corrupted by the fascism of extreme liberalism. So I've come to appreciate the openness of Voat. There are racists and every variation of discrimination over here, but there's also a likelihood that you'll be respected for your variation of opinion. I've gotten too used to being downvoted on Reddit for certain opinions, that I'd lost the appreciation for certain types of freedom. I think that freedom exists over here a bit more. Not always, but in this new state, it's definitely prevalent. So essentially, racism is a factor that exists openly on Voat, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's credible. It just means it happens to be popular.


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Everytime I try to get into ANY discussion about the situation here in Germany I get a gazillion downvotes and 50 different people call whatever I said stupid and uninformed and call me a stupid goy and a sheeple and tell me to educate myself before the inevitable demise of my home country. There's the occasional upvote but either they're all fed up with trying to have an intelligent discussion or they're scared of being downvoted for saying something those groups don't like.

It seems impossible to be open about not hating Syrians.


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Perhaps your view of Syrian migrants is not supported by facts, so you get frustrated when your pet project is downvoted?