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Like this commercial is hinting at:


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I have a bridge for sale that you can convert to a roll style one. It’s cheap!

PM for more details if you want to buy it!

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Yeah it sounds crazy but there are clear cases of famous people faking their deaths. Would you care to know more or are you comfortable believing what the PTB tell you is reality?

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Elvis, is alive!

You are talking about uncharted landmass. This can be disproven by mapping google earth and looking for a spot that doesn’t map.

If you mentioned islands that are private and accessible to filthy rich, you might have had a story.

Are you comfortable about XYZ or would you like to know more about such things that are now rather common knowledge that in the late 70’s were just conspiracy theories?

What the hell is PtB?

I’m the one who on the great awakening talked about The Payseurs way before Q or any one else and now they are finally getting some attention. I talked about gorilkions back in the late 90’s when people called me a Nazi and anti-Semite.

I’m the one who is calling out the Christian Jews and how they have been tricked by Rome.

Sure, please try to surprise me. I’ll even admit if you did!