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You're asking about two different issues here.

1. Is the confederate flag a symbol of oppression?

Yes, it is. Many southern states included slavery explicitly in their reasoning for seceding. While others did not, it was still the straw that broke the camel's back. Some say the secession was for a state's rights, but a big (if not the biggest) one was the right to maintain the practice of slavery. Others say it was an economic issue, but slavery was a HUGE economic issue. Many economies in the South depended on slavery for inexpensive labor to produce agricultural products.

Flying the rebel flag in part represents the beliefs of those who created it even if you don't personally feel that way when you fly it. It's a symbol with history. That history comes with it whenever and wherever it is flown.

2. Should the confederate flag be banned?

No, it should not. This becomes a freedom of speech issue. If the government gets into the business of banning speech that many find disagreeable, this takes us into dangerous territory where dissent can easily be silenced. That's why we hold freedom of speech in such high regard even though it means people can still say distasteful and rude things.