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I lived in the South for eleven years and, after moving from New England as a child, I was shocked to hear the incorrect history my teacher taught. An example of this is my history teacher in 1988 tried to teach me that writing left handed was evil. She also said the Union army fired the first shot, which is blatantly untrue. That is why you think the war was fought over money. That is like saying heart disease is caused by Twinkies, not the clogged arteries they bring.

Fighting over money is a way to avoid saying it was fought over slavery. The South based its entire economy on slavery. Take that away and they collapse and can't support themselves. So, yes, it is about money- the money they lost because they can't force slaves to make money for them.

It should be banned because the Confederacy is an enemy and was a terrorist nation. That they are remembered with honor in the South should really frighten people the same way Germans get upset when Nazi factions were to begin weaseling their way into the government there.

Another way to look at it is many people alive today have ancestors that were kept in chains and enslaved by the Confederacy. That happened and can't be discounted. The fact that the flags still fly over many of the Southern states is an insult and a form of oppression, reminding them of their ancestors enslavement.