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The slaves were the driving force of the thriving agriculture and economy in the South. Not having the slaves returned affected the economy because the more slaves that ran away, the less crops were being planted and harvested.

No nation in history kept slaves because it sounded fun. Slaves have always served SOME function within a society that kept them but that doesn't make the war any less about slavery.

Yes, the South needed a large cheap workforce to keep its plantations running so yes there were economic aspects to their use of slaves. Yes, the South was worried that they would be screwed if slavery was abolished. None of that changes that the South seceded from the United States for the sole reason that they wanted to continue the institution of slavery.

The war didn't become about slavery. The war was always about slavery from day 1.

The North didn't actually ban slaves in their supportive border states until the war was even over.

As for why they didn't officially ban slavery until the war was over it was simply due to the fact that they didn't want to deliberately piss off their remaining border states until the war was over. Officially declaring the end of slavery would be largely meaningless until the war was over anyway because the Confederation would not recognize their law until the end of the war.