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When you are upset about something, who chooses to be upset? When you see something that disgusts you, who choses to be disgusted? When the smell of something reminds you of the past, who is reminded of the past by that smell?

You aren't the person who can choose what reminds someone of something or what something symbolizes to someone else. Apparently a significant portion of the US population associates a confederate flag with racism. You can argue one way or another, most people aren't going to change their mind. You think it's cool, most people don't care, some people hate it.

A few companies choosing to not carry a product isn't oppression. A state choosing a different flag so they have a more inclusive symbol isn't oppression.


[–] MommaSpitfire [S] ago 

I never said it was cool; I said I just don't understand the connection. I don't find "pride" in it; I am indifferent to it, myself. I just don't understand why it is so politically charged, given what I know from its history. Just because a number of people associate it with racism, I don't see how that makes it a valid symbol for such. Do the majority of people see it as such? That's the important question. There has never been a vote on it, so there is no way to know for sure. A number of people still feel as though the Koran is a terrorist book, does that make it such? All I know is that my history lessons and research do not show that the Confederate battle flag, which wasn't even the official flag of the Confederate states for the majority of the Confederacy, was a symbol of oppression and slavery, so I don't not understand why exactly people think it is such. All I see is a vocal group of people rightfully getting upset about the Charleston massacre and using the Confederate flag as a symbol for that act and all of racism. I don't understand why it is a symbol of racism, despite history showing otherwise.

I also never said that banning the flag was oppression. I asked how the Confederate battle flag equals oppression. I said that banning the flag censors history, not oppresses people.


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Just because a number of people associate it with racism, I don't see how that makes it a valid symbol for such.

Your impression is your impression. Their impression is their impression.

I am indifferent to it, myself.

If you don't care, don't defend it. Dont' respond. Don't get involved.

We all have different experiences in life. I don't understand why blackface is racist, but I don't have to. I was told it's offensive, so I don't do it. I dont' have to understand why someone doesn't want to be treated some way to be kind enough to do so.