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I'm all for letting people be or do whatever they want. I won't protest against you but I also won't protest for you. I also won't protest that you have to accept and like my love of peanut butter and THAT is what I accept.


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Acceptance is good but up to a point. Should we accept rapists and murders?

I think the language changing around doctors is about making sure their message is heard. "Get off your ass and exercise" will be ignored so softer words may be more likely to get people to improve their health.

T in LGBT takes guts, but the genital mutilation is due to our very strict views on gender. Most people won't recognize transgender status unless that mutilation takes place.

All religion is backwards. Christianity just gets a pass because no one wants to have a serious discussion on the retarded shit in this country. Creationism (or intelligent design) has no place in schools. FSMism is a fun parody that highlights how absurd the reasoning used to teach creationism is and it's probably the most effective form of anti-Christian debate.

Acceptance is important, but there's limits to it.