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T_D is over 50% with nobody trailing

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The Donald banned me. Fucking kikes

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Ye me too after I talked a little about Kikes

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You know they're posers, right? I'm a mod of 3 targetted subreddits and not only they're still up, but they took 2 off the list after realizing admins won't ban them. This is what it is, they take credit for something they didn't do.

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most likely. still they try to put coordianted pressure on the admins. I think maybe the admins are delighted that these powermods and AHS give them a reason to ban all these sites. Ultimately the admins are to blame.

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Pro Tip: If you have more than one IP... you can vote more than once. ;)

Use Tor and always make a new circuit for the site and vote again.

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T_D is at 53% at the time of this posting. If T_D goes I will have no reason to go back there...

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They have shown in their records that they advertise to their advertisers that TD has over 6 million subscribers. Also has the most activity of any subreddit.