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I think the very first lesson in the curriculum is: Turn off the news. Don't watch it and don't read it. The mainstream media is specifically designed to brainwash and divide the populace. Strengthen your mental fortitude by refusing to lets me in their indoctrination.

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Do you think a more balanced and useful approach might be to observe it very skeptically, so that you know what information other people are getting?

I'm thinking that if you make yourself too "out of the loop" that you may end up socially isolate yourself, thus preventing the ChadBorg from assimilating more normies.

What do you think?

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That's probably better. That's honestly how I do it already. I would just say try to avoid directly watching it. If you're gonna consume news media, do so with extreme caution. Do not believe anything you hear until you have reason to do so. I am able to stay in the loop by getting my news from people online and family members/friends. If I'm particularly interested in a story, I do my research. Though I find that these days most stories aren't even worth the effort to investigate. Maybe I've just grown so cynical. I hate that I am, and perhaps the ChadRight ideology can set myself and many others onto a better path. We really do need to develop the ChadRight Codex. The Codex Chadstartes.

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Why did it take you faggots so long to move away from Reddit?

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Why does it matter?

You realize traffic is important right?

I understand that you likely despise reddit, rightfully so when it comes to certain things, but when it comes to the numbers games, you're not going to get converts by staying in an echo chamber. You have to swim in the same currents as your opponents so that normies can see another side of the story.

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"You realize traffic is important right?"

Profitable traffic matters, but traffic for the sake of traffic is not necessarily good.

"I understand that you likely despise reddit"

Do you hate a storm, or a hurricane? You do not, you simply move away from it. Now, my problem is not with Reddit, it's with people that are or recently were there since they basically said they don't care about freedom of speech about what, three-four years ago?

You probably heard this saying: First they came for this group of people but I didn't do anything because I am not one of those people, then they came for...

You are like the 17th guy they came for.

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look how shitty gab and voat are. i think there should be backup networks, but it also pushes humor and memes to evolve if they have to be coded and subtle, as part of a sort of game. WN 1.0 stayed on their forums and nearly died there.

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I hate gab. You might as well write your post with a crayon.

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posting on reddit is good practice for surviving in the draconian globohomo world of tomorrow :^)

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Reddit is more popular and that makes it easier to reach people and spread the truth.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=pO5QG6h4c5M :

Information Is Ammunition - Battle Tech Supercut - YouTube

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