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Congrats man!

25+ year smoker ... I've lost count on how many times I've tried to kick. I've run the gambit, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipe, dip, chewing tobacco, multiple e-cigs, vape pens, mods (since their inception), gum, patches, lozenges... I've tried it all.

Although I've used the patch before, it was always as a way just to tide me over if I was going to be in a situation I knew I would not be able to have a cigarette for a period longer than I would normally go without. (Work / Family functions etc.)

Happy to announce that as of this morning I am on day 28 (step 3 or 7mg/24hr controlled nicotine release) of the patch (more importantly smoke free). So tomorrow morning when I take it off I will be done with the course and through God's grace finally done with nicotine addiction. *I skipped step 1 (21mg/24hr) and started the course with step 2 (14mg/24hr).

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Congrats man!

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have you considered having someone tie you to the mast, like Odysseus?

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i was a 2 (sometimes more) pack a day smoker for years. I used patches from target... the first few days are the worse i was hearing voices. I remember sitting at my desk with my head in my hands just thinking/saying "no no no no no no no""

it was truly only the worst times in my life in respect. But, it only lasted a few days. It wasnt until until like 2 or 3 years until the small urges stop

I think I been smoke free for like almost tens now.. I forget..... everyonce in awhile I still get that urge

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Thanks man. I am on my last juul pod....

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Do it man, it'll never be easier than it is today!

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Been there, I'm on 45 days. Best of luck.

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If you ever get the urge to buy again tell yourself "This is my addict brain thinking, it's just a craving and it will go away" It also helps if you go somewhere else, or find something else to do like meditate.

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I quit almost a year ago. Best decision I ever made in my life besides taking the red pill.

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Lol I get what you're saying but taking the redpill is pretty horrible for your life until we win

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Recovered vapefag here (4 years or so of constant nic as high as 18mg). What worked for me was starting a fast on the same day I dropped the nicotine, and I threw out my vape that day. Make it a ritual so it sinks into your mind not as "FUCK IT I'll never do this anymore" but "I don't do this". Since I quit, about 7 months ago, I've had 2 cigars with a buddy and never bothered to pursue it more because I subconsciously accepted that I don't do that. You seem to not have changed your baseline view of yourself enough. I think society tells us everything is supposed to be this life-or-death struggle, when our quiet assumptions are left ignored.

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Congratulations mate! I feel that I may write this same post in a few months as I substituted alcohol for nicotine.

The question is which is worse? Clearly alcohol in my opinion, I switch between nicotine losenges and chew and I like both, eventually I would like to just stick with the losenges as it keeps me hyper aware which I like.

Either case, congrats man!

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