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Fuck sake. He literally called it an hour ago

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is this @ChadRight ?

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Yep he's here

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more bannings ?

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People were starting to read culture of critique. You know (((they))) couldn't have that. It was only a matter of time. I wouldn't be surprised if they ban everyone that posted there. It's all about the shekels.

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Subscibe to /v/ChadRight and his YouTube account Chad Right

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Welcome to Voat.

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Anyone still at reddit is a tranny

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Reddit is still useful, there are fencesitters we can convince.

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Says you, nigger.

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Same with prosbora and virginafarmer 😭


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Virginianfarmer only got a 3 day ban I believe

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I will be banned from reddit soon. So will you.

Since it may be our last time where we can talk. Upvote it, my friend, so other can see it more easily before the ban.

Hey, there is a major crackdown on our community and we shouldn't be even surprised as to why that happens everywhere. After all one tiny ethnic group of capitalists literally controls 5 out of 6 biggest social media platforms, hollywood industry, majority of traditional media, majority of NGOs and large portion of the academia.

They control directly and indirectly 50-90% of information we see. And even if they don't control something, they have enough power to make other capitalists, media owners submit to their power if they want to stay rich.

They can crush us and since we are opposition and a threat to them it is not surprising that they are doing exactly that.

I for one didn't give up and I had around 5000 people on my subreddit before the ban that didn't give either. I wanted to fight, they wanted to fight, we wanted to fight. And we still do.

We will be active, we will grow, we will influence and in the end we will win.

But in order to do that we need to organize ourselves into a machine capable of influencing the world. If you want to join us in our struggle and fight against those who want us dead and our children raped and brainwashed I will welcome you in our community.

Our new home is a website https://chadright.com/ , voat: https://voat.co/v/chadright and an YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjWMt7vHdThjXbys-2wjXaQ

We will use it as our base and our safe space. We will write there articles on how to do activism and we will post there result of our activism to inspire our brothers and sisters. We will write there about why we need Straight Edge(abstinence from alcohol, drugs etc so we can think clearly), meditation(so we can act mindfully). We will talk about getting a good partner and having children. We will talk about why we need solidarism and high ingroup preferance, about books that are worth to read and many other stuff.

If one will get shoah'ed we will have other two to get back to work.

It will be a clean space that will be always waiting for us if we will get banned somewhere else, a place where we can go and grow.

If you want to join us, join us on those 3 platforms.

In order to succeed we need people who know how to set up a website; people who can write articles or correct them for valuable members of our community who aren't native English speakers; and activists who are ready do promote our ideas in real world.

If you want to take active role and you can do at least one of those 3 things - let me know and we will get to work.

Thank you brothers for the time we spent here, I hope we will see each other on the other side of the rainbow.

Yours truly,


P.S This is my last post I got wrongly suspended with accusation of ban evasion through a subreddit I didn't make.

Reddit's admins are fucking joke.

Your account has been permanently suspended for using alternate accounts to evade a subreddit ban.

r/ChadRight ban evasion: r/AltIsRight

ChadRight was created by me.

AltIsRight was NOT created by me.

And I still got banned for it. Fuck this shit!


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/u/ChadRight was banned in less than an hour after posting this.

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RIP in peace :(

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This is nuts. everyone got shoahed

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