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There is discussion at /r/WhereIsAssange .

A timeline of events:

Apr 16th: John Jones QC, Assange's U.N. Lawyer dies jumping in front of a train.

May 11th: Michael Ratner, WikiLeaks' chief counsel, dies of cancer.

Jul 10th: Seth Rich, DNC staffer who supposedly leaked DNC documents to Wikileaks, is shot in the back and dies. Nothing is stolen from his body.

Aug 5th: Edward Snowden (source of leaks on surveillance by the NSA) tweets 64 bit code (potential dead man's switch) note: there is much speculation regarding the actual intent of this tweet.

Aug 10th: Wikileaks offers $20k reward for information on murder of Seth Rich.

Aug 16th: Last update of warrant canary at https://riseup.net/en/canary, Julian's e-mail provider. (Canary is now dead)

Oct 7th: Podestamails leaks first batch.

Oct 14th: John Podesta tweets "I bet the lobster risotto is better than the food at the Ecuadorian Embassy”.

Oct 15th: Pamela Anderson visits Assange and feeds him a vegan sandwich.

Oct 16th/17th: John Kerry visits the UK, personally pressures Equador to stop Assange from publishing documents about Clinton.

Oct 16th: Equadorian Embassy cuts off Assange's internet access.

Oct 16th: Wikileaks tweets SHA-256 prerelease keys.

Oct 18th: Witnesses photograph and report heavily armed police and vans outside Equadorian Embassy, are barred from approaching and have cellphones confiscated. Live feeds are cut off.

Oct 18th: Fox News reports Assange will be arrested in a matter of hours.

Oct 18th: https://file.wikileaks.org/file made publicly visible, file dates/timestamps changed to 1984 (Orwell reference).

Oct 18th: See Oct 21st London Airport evacuation.

Oct 20th: /r/wikileaks, /r/dncleaks, /r/wikileakstaskforce and /r/nsaleaks add 21 new moderators and remove previous mods, all threads about Assange going missing deleted since.

Oct 21st: Massive DDoS attack on US internet. Wikileaks tweets to imply the attack originates from its supporters, asking them to stop, no evidence supports claim.

Oct 21st: London Airport evacuated due to "chemical attack", potentially used as cover to fly Assange out of country. (There are reports this actually occurred on Oct. 18th)

Oct 22nd: Gavin MacFadyen (mentor to Assange and key player in Wikileaks) dies of lung cancer.

Oct 23rd: Wikileaks Tweets poll asking how best to prove Assange is alive (he still hasn't appeared on video or at the window since).

Oct 24th: Wikileaks Tweets video of Assange and Michael Moore recorded in June.

Oct 26th: 4chan users successfully successfully decode their first message in Wikileak's blockchain. Threads are instantly flooded by shills saying that it's not worth looking into. The blockchain is blocked with fees and 43000 unconfirmed transactions appear in the mempool.

October 30th: Julian Assange interview by John Pilger from inside Ecuadorian Embassy

Nov 6th: Huge DDoS takes down Wikileaks for first time in years.

Nov 7th: Various entities notice hundreds of Podesta and DNC emails are missing from recent leaks, accessed with direct entry. Nov 8th: Trump wins.

Nov 12th: Assange meets with Swedish prosecutor regarding rape allegations, lawyers barred from attending, meeting conducted via an Equadorian ambassador (not face to face)

Nov 14th: Sweden's Chief Prosecutor, after a 6 year delay, interviews Mr Assange in Ecuadorian Embassy. Swedish legal counsel was not permitted.

Nov 14th: Wikileaks releases insurance files, SHA-256 hashes do not match those tweeted in October.


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This is getting really depressing.


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Is he ok?

We don't fucking know! WE JUST DON"T FUCKING KNOW!!!!!